Colorful Panoramic Birds Diamond Mosaic DIY Kit

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Get a sense of accomplishment, reduce stress, boost confidence, and most importantly, enjoy your free time. The Colorful Panoramic Birds Diamond Mosaic DIY Kit gives you an entirely new experience in the field of painting. With patient effort you can create an amazing work of art that will add life to any space. These paintings can be the ultimate wall decoration choice for your home, office, hotel,Meeting Rooms, Dining Rooms restaurant and any other place. The Kit contains a full set of painting tools, including Tweezers, Tray, Pen, and Two Glue. No need to buy other accessories as you can experience the fun of painting right away.



What is Diamond Art ? 

Is a form of mosaic art in which the artist applies shiny resins onto a pre-glued canvas to complete the painting. The final result of several hours of labor is a beautiful piece of art, that is all your own making!!


Creating diamond paintings together with friends and family can strengthen relationships and create strong bonds. It contains a pre-printed canvas that shows exactly where to paint each color that makes it very suitable for beginners. Durable, waterproof, moisture-proof and wrinkle-free. At the same time, use special super glue to cover the canvas so that the diamond will not fall once it is pressed on the canvas. It is a great gift for birthday, wedding or new accommodation. Present it to your friends and loved ones to express good wishes. 




  • Number of Colors: 30-45
  • Diamond Shape: Square 
  • Frame: No
  • 5 different sizes
  • 4 different images
  • The Kit includes : Diamonds ,Tweezers, Tray, Pen, Two Glue Tools , HD Canvas
  • Diamond Size: 2.8mm

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